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The Culture House (Catholic Circle)

The Secession building of the so-called Slovak House is among the most interesting buildings in the town. It has up to the present remained preserved in its original state. The idea for building the house came from Ska - lica native, doctor and nation-builder MUDr. Pavel Blaho. The project was developed by national architect Dušan Jurkovič, who was inspired by folklore building styles. The “Catholic Circle” was ceremoniously opened in 1905.

Golf course

You can visit in Skalica

The Rotunda of St. George

The original Romanesque building probably dates from the turn of the 12th to 13th centuries (the latest, however, also indicates the first half of the 11th century). In later periods it was rebuilt in the Gothic and Baroque styles. The upper part, connected with the fortifications, fulfilled a protective function; the lower part served as a chapel. Fragments of interior wall paintings are preserved from the Gothic period, depicting motifs from the legend of St. George. The frescoes were restored in the years 1995-1996. In 2002 a permanent exhibition of the Záhorie Museum was installed in the rotunda, thematically focused directly on representations of this oldest preserved building landmark in Skalica. In 2005 a vast reconstruction of the space around the rotunda and Calvary took place. An information system was built and the lighting was supplemented.

The Ice House

In the past ice houses were used for the preservation of food. The Skalica town ice houses were dug into the eastern slope of the Calvary hill. The period of their origin is not known, but it is obvious that their ownership and use underwent several changes in the course of their existence. Regarding the use of the town ice houses only information passed down orally exists. An ice house had a “siphon”, through which ice was let in from the surface, or it trickled into the dug out space. In the entry hall of an ice house were dormer windows which local butchers used for keeping meat cool.

``Baťa`` canal

You can visit in Skalica

Skalica reservoirs

You can visit in Skalica

The Calvary

The Classicist Calvary, built on a rise in the northern part of the town, was consecrated by Archbishop Alexander Rudnay in 1823. Around the stone cross with statues of St. Mary and St. John are located chapels with scenes from the Stations of the Cross. Namiesto Kostol Svatej trojice zmením foto a dáme tam: Rotunda svätého Juraja Najstaršia pamiatka v meste pochádza z prelomu 12. - 13. storočia. Vzácne sú jej vnútorne nástenné maľby (koniec 15. storočia) zobrazujúce výjavy z legendy o sv. Jurajovi, ktorému je objekt zasvätený a doplnené sú erbami Skalice a rodu Zápoľských. V interiéri sa nachádza expozícia Záhorského múzea týkajúca sa tejto národnej kultúrnej pamiatky.