The tradition of weddings at the Hotel Tatran is connected with many years of experience in the design of wedding venues and in serving the traditional wedding menu of Skalica. Location the hotel is situated in the city center on the square opposite the Parish Church and the Town Hall, so you do not have to worry that you will lose wedding guests along the way. With a large capacity of seats we have the possibility to offer you from three different sizes of function rooms and we are more happy to meet your requirements. A wedding gathering before actual ceremony, is a year-to-year more popular form of getting to know individual family members who do not yet know each other. The gathering takes place in a smaller function room, one and a half hours before the wedding. The wedding guests have a self-service buffet where meat rolls with bread and vegetable garnishes are served on the buffet. The wedding couple will also designate an authorized person who welcomes the guests of the moonshine as typically served at the wedding gathering.

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