Hotel na námestí v Skalici


01 March 2020

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One of the characteristic buildings of the Skalice Square in the first half of the 20th century was the Town Hotel (formerly an Inn), that the town was renting the building. In 1906, the town hall entrust building of this project to Milan Michal Harminc, realized it on the site of an older collapsed Inn in a historicizing – neo-Gothic style (not documented or according to his own project). Since 1908, the hotel with its central bay window, numerous turrets, large rugged ground-floor windows, facade broken by ledges and decorated with various plastic elements has revived the appearance of the main square. On the ground floor towards the square there was a casino and a café, the rooms and the ballroom were directed to the courtyard. After the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, the city was signing new lease contracts for the property that had Hungarian tenants and from January 1919 became its tenant Rosenbreier, from 1924 to 1934 Arnošt Mittelham, followed by the widow Mittelham and since 1936 V. Grammel. According to contemporary advertisements, guests were attracted to excellent cuisine and beer from Uherský Brod. Tenants of the hotel also operated a garden restaurant in the place so called „Hajek“, which had a large terrace with a capacity of 100 guests. It was a popular holiday place with a dance floor and a stage for music, which played here on weekends. In the late 1930s the casino of the hotel burned down and stopped prospering. During the war and after the war the city did not have the funds for reconstruction and in 1945 decided to sell the hotel. It was sold to the Tlach family from Veselí nad Moravou, who had experience in hospitality business. They were contracted to rebuild the hotel into a modern hotel. In 1947, the shell construction was finished, already in November the first entertainment took place, even though it was not fully finished yet. It had central heating, 10 rooms with hot water, but the the building itself lost its original character. The hotel was called Hotel Tlach and it was run by family only briefly, until takeover by the state. Since then (even after the restitution of the original owners) the hotel is well know as Hotel Tatran. Brezina Peter: Crafts and Economic Development in 1918 – 1950, p. 533 – 365. In: Skalica (monograph), 2014, 1230 p. Juríčková, Zuzana: Milan Michal Harminc and his Buildings in Záhorie. In: Záhorie 5, 2005, p. 7 – 12. Chronicle of Skalice 4, p. 202 (MVSR, Archive TT, workplace Skalica).

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